Learn how to setup, launch and grow an email newsletter business


A 3 week LIVE training program will teach you how to:

In-depth live training sessions with Q&A:

This training series will feature three 90 minute webinar sessions, each including 45 minute presentations and 45 minutes of Q&A.

Session #1 - Setting up your newsletter
Thursday, March. 8 at 9am EST

We'll brainstorm newsletter ideas, and cover in detail the tools and systems you need to get your email newsletter and landing page ready. We'll also cover email structure, do's and dont's, along with strategies for finding and organizing great content your readers will want to read.

Session #2 - Growing your newsletter
Tuesday, March. 13 at 9am EST

Now we have your newsletter live and ready for subscribers, it's time to aggressively grow your readership. We'll go deep into free/organic ways to grow your newsletter list, along with covering paid channels, especially leveraging Facebook Ad's platform (this session will include a live demo of how to setup your FB campaigns & ads).

Session #3 - Onboarding paid sponsors
Thursday, March. 15 at 9am EST

We'll cover the best approach to onboard paying sponsors, the things you need to be aware of (metrics etc.), along with the tools that will make your life much easier when both communicating with potential sponsors and handling inbound enquires (this session will include access to the docs we use oursleves).

Readers are 6x more likely to click-through from an email campaign than they are from a tweet

Email is something we all use every day, and very seldom change, which is why creating an email newsletter your audience gets excited about opening and reading is the single best marketing strategy on the planet today (and why sponsors are happy to pay to be featured in great newsletters).

But the trouble is knowing: Where do I start?

What newsletter format should you use? How do you deliver so much value your subscribers get excited about receiving emails from you? And how do you grow your subscriber list?

Whether you’re interested in learning how to create an engaging newsletter to promote your company or want to turn a newsletter into a business, this one off live training program is for you.

Your Host:

Chris Osborne

Chris Osborne

Founder and editor of CryptoWeekly & FoundersGrid

With so much 'crap' published every day, there's never been a stronger need for hand-curation from experts in their field.

"I’ve spent the past 4 years building one of the largest newsletters in tech that’s read by over 10,000 email subscribers and recently launched CryptoWeekly, a newsletter covering Bitcoin, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Not only do 6 figure sponsorship sales provide a great source of revenue for me (both newsletters are constantly sold out of sponsorships), the newsletters have allowed me to build great relationships with folks at some of the biggest tech companies in the world, including those who work at Google, Twitter, Uber, Stripe and more.

I plan to be totally candid with what I have learned setting up and growing my newsletters with this training program, so you can use this knowledge to build yours"

This 3 week live training program will help you:

  • Find a newsletter format users want to open and read
  • Learn pros and cons of the different email software services available
  • Understand what data and analytics you want to track and measure
  • Increase your open and CTR rates by up to 40%
  • Easy to learn growth strategies you can use to grow your email subscriber list (both organic and paid)
  • Find and close newsletter sponsorship deals (including the emails I use that continually helps me sell out of sponsorship placements)

Who this training program is for:

  • You have an existing business and want to leverage newsletter marketing to build brand awareness around your products or services
  • You already have a email newsletter but open and engagment is poor, and you want to improve
  • You want to grow a newsletter into business
Jerry Everett

“Chris and the FoundersGrid email newsletter are what I consider to be best in their class. I’ve been a loyal reader for years, and when approached, Chris provided invaluable consulting to my new newsletter efforts. This included content curation strategies, full process flow outline, the best tools, and time-saving tips. His domain knowledge was evident, as there was no question asked that he couldn’t answer. I’d recommend him as a reliable resource for anyone looking to launch an email newsletter.”

— Jerry Everett
Gonzalo Sarmiento

“Chris’ advice was fantastic. During the time we spent on the mastermind call, he opened up his entire playbook – how to curate interesting content, the best tactics for growing your list, how to get sponsors and more. What’s even better, the call was a two-way conversation. Chris took the time to understand our goals, and answered every single question we had. If you run a newsletter or are looking to start one, you'll learn a lot by joining Chris's NewsletterWorkshop”

— Gonzalo Sarmiento

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$299 includes access to all 3 sessions. Registration closes on 2nd March, 2018.

Full money-back guarantee: We want you to leave this mastermind series fully prepared to launch and grow your own successful newsletter. If you don’t feel you got value from the training in any way, let us know why, and we’ll happily refund you in full.

Questions & answers

What software do you use for the video calls?

We will use CrowdCast, which allows you to attend the sessions via web, mobile or by using their native iOS app.

What happens if I miss a call?

All calls will be recorded and available to watch online at any time.

Can I join just one call?

Sure - but you'll need to pay the full registration fee. With this said, I'm really confident you'll learns heaps from the other 2 calls! (if not, let me know - and I'll refund you in full).